Here are some of my thoughts on the best features of Apple Watch Series 6

The best features of Apple Watch Series 6


The Apple Watch Series 6 features cool new colors like Blue, Silver, Gold, Graphite, Space Gray and Red (Product Red). I really like the Product Red version of it and we all know proceeds from this benefit AIDS research.

Cool new strap but same design

Design is same (meh) so no Circular or Rectangular design innovation here. But the design is solid and has proved its worth by it popularity since the first Apple Watch. The new Solo straps that were released with the Apple Watch Series 6 are cool and the design looks durable. Sizing maybe an issue since people really need to try on different sizes to figure out the fit. Great idea but difficult to loosen the snugness of the watch during hot days with the Solo strap.


Same cool OLED tech as the Apple Watch Series 5 so nothing new here. Always on display with new amazing faces and Series 6 integrates perfectly with WatchOS7.

Blood Oxygen monitor

The Blood Oxygen meter is a new feature on the Apple Watch Series 6. This model features this new sensor that allows for both on demand readings via an app as well as background readings throughout the day. Hmmm, I wonder about the battery impact of that. This feature adds to the amazing ECG feature that was already in Apple Series 5.

Super battery features

The new S6 chip makes the battery consumption smarter resulting in a longer battery life. The battery life is dependent on type of usage whether using WiFI or LTE but its around 18+ hours with general usage. Again this may be more or less based on how you are using it. I think putting it on charger every night is still needed but what about sleep tracking :)? The charging of the Apple Watch Series 6 is quite fast.

Fitness+ integration

Fitness+ is a new fitness experience from Apple. with a lot of workouts with trainers and workout metrics are sent from the Apple Watch Series 6 directly on-screen to your iPad, Apple TV or iPhone as you are working out with your Watch on. Currently Apple is offering 3 months of Fitness+ for free upon the purchase of an Apple Watch. Fitness + is launched in late 2020 as per Apple.

Sleep tracking

The Apple Watch also features a new Sleep app that helps with sleep tracking and establish a routine when you go to bed and when you wake up.

The meh features of the Apple Watch Series 6

Same design

As mentioned earlier, design is the same so no Circular or Rectangular design innovation here. But the cool new colors are so amazing.

Not many major new features from Apple Watch Series 5

WatchOS7 is so amazing that an Apple Watch Series 5 enjoys a lot of the same cool innovations. So besides Blood Oxygen related sensor improvements there could be better deals on the Apple Watch Series 5.

Crown invocation of Siri is a bit annoying but you could shift it easily by settings

This annoyance can easily be worked on by reversing the Watch so the crown is on the lower left inside. Honestly, this does not bother me as much and I think the Watch looks cooler with the crown on the top right side.

Besides this the Apple Watch Series 6 comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes and is priced starting at $399.00. Also, there is a cheaper version of this amazing family of devices – Apple Watch SE (which I will be reviewing soon).

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–Gary Saggu

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