I downloaded the release version of tvOS14 for the AppleTV and here are the new features that I noticed as I went hands-on :-

  • Installation was a breeze and even at peak primetime it was fast.  I started the update right from my AppleTV 4K (System).  Actual download times will depend on your Internet speed.
  • We love watching Youtube so finally tvOS14 supports Youtube videos in 4K. Yaay!
  • Picture in picture (PIP) feature has been around since tvOS13 but this is enhanced and improved.  Individual apps will need to write code to support this.
  • I was able to pair my AirPods Pro using the Bluetooth option and could listen to audio on it.  AirPods Pro now support spatial audio for some content since iOS14.  So this was really cool that I could watch something fairly loud with my AirPods Pro on without disturbing anyone.  2 people can connect and avail this option.
  • Also, there is support to use Airplay to stream your 4k videos to your Apple TV using iOS14 and tvOS14
  • Improvements in HomeKit including camera feeds from HomeKit compatable cameras as well including showing a video of a person at the door if there is a homekit connected video enabled doorbell.
  • tvOS14 will be a delight for Apple Arcade users as it enables support for multi-user gaming and ability to connect gaming controller (XBox Wireless controller) for this purpose.

If you dont have the AppleTV 4k and have a 4k TV – I highly recommend it and tvOS14 makes it much more useful and feature rich.

I have added some affiliate links below for your reference (some Apple TV 4K models, a cheap but fantastic 4k TV – take a look).  Any purchases made using the links will support the website upkeep and enable me to keep writing.

Thats it for now,


PS: Check out my notes from the Apple Event on September 16, 2020 if you have not already.

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