I am highlighting some of the cool tech features of this new, cool gizmo. 

Fit and form

As per Google, it has adjustable nosepads and durable frame to fit any face.  Since I have been wearing glasses for over 30 years I think they will have have more options for a custom fit.  Personally I will like to buy the attachment to fit my Dior Homme frames if possible and available.  I did read about this being a possibility but not confirmed yet.


The high resolution display is the equivalent of a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away.  Reminds me of the dvd watching personal glasses that projected (privately) on a virtual 60inch screen.  Nothing new here as this technology has existed for at least a decade in the consumers hand.

Front Camera

For Photos, a 5 MP resolution is enough but low compared to the standards of today.  Samsung S4 has a 13MP rear camera.  So not to excited about this feature.

For Videos, a 720p HD but not full HD which is the new norm for all the latest mobile devices.

Networking and Wifi/Bluetooth

Wifi 802.11b/g protocols supported.  No support for 802.11n or newer protocols in this release.  Bluetooth support but I dont know the version. Will post when I do more research here but the definite capability to communicate with an Android based smartphone Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher indicates Bluetooth 2.0+. More on this later.  With a mobile phone connected, SMS and GPS is enabled.

Memory and Storage

12 GB out of 16GB of usable memory which by itself is not much but since it is synced with Google cloud storage – this becomes a powerful option.  This is one of my favorite features but more memory will be needed for this to be useful.  Being on the road in Asia with no access to the cloud might hinder some of the usability of the device.  Also, networking has to be fast to upload data to the cloud. 

Battery and charging

Google claims one full day of typical use. Not sure what typical use is but I am sure the batteries offer ample use for the day.

Uses a standard micro-USB port for charging with a Glass charger(recommended by Google).  This is a relief as there is not a new lightning like connector adding to the list of non-standard non-generic connectors out there.


Will update asap

Speech Recognition and Audio

Will post my findings

 I have not got my hands on it yet but a lot can be deduced from its published technical specs as shown above.  I will definitely buy this when availble to the public and am ready to play with it as a developer.  New era of games and apps await us with this fantastic device.

 Happy Glass-ing,

 – Gary Saggu

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