With Samsung taking the hood of their latest Galaxy S4 specifications, what can we expect in the next release of the iPad devices this year? I have compiled a wishlist of features that will come sooner or later into this next generation of bestselling Apple tablets.  Here is my personal wish list:-

  • Faster processing – Based on the Galaxy S4 boasting upto Octa-cores – more cores, bandwidth and speed may be expected in the upcoming iPad/iPad mini.  Maybe more configurations – for high end use to low-end.  We always need more power for more sophisticated apps.
  • Better graphics ( faster GPU ) – iPad mini might get the Retina display although being a proud iPad mini owner, I am quite satisfied with the display.  As a developer, it might be nice one day to ship an app with only Retina graphics resources.  
  • HD display – I think new devices may have full HD (1080p) support.  I would love to watch my blu-rays in 1080p/3D on my iPad streaming from some wireless storage box. What about a 3D display? Maybe next year on that one, IMHO sans the glasses.
  • Thinner, slicker, cooler – That is a “no brainer” for each generation of Apple devices.
  • Better front/rear camera since the Samsung is already at 13MP rear camera.  I prefer the front camera on the iPad to have better resolution as I use it to FaceTime and it would be nice to have some HD capability.
  • Wireless charging maybe? I did see some gagdet in BestBuy that allows for cell phones to be charged “inductively” using wireless charging.  Would be a nice feature on the iPad.
  • Air gesturing – Well, the S4 has ways by which one could scroll using air gestures in front of the phone.  Why not on the iPad?  I know one day we will have face gesturing when the device will recognize each grimace or snarl on our faces.  Well you heard it here! What about eye scrolling? 🙂
  • More antennae and better networking support in the form of 802.11ac implementation (upto 1.3 Gbps speeds).  This feature will need a faster router that supports this protocol 🙂 and a fast enough provider to keep up with this hi-speed to see faster streaming.
  • I am sure iOS 7 will be amazing.  There will be a separate wishlist blog entry for that. Improved Siri and more Cloud integration maybe coming.

Will add more to my wishlist as I think of newer and better things.  I am already looking forward to getting these new devices packed with some fantastic features.

– Gary Saggu

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