Apple announced the new Homepod speaker for the home following Amazon and Google in the home speaker market with an AI based assistant  at the WWDC2017.

Key features

  • Siri is integrated(of course).
  • I believe an Apple Music subscription will be needed for music; what about one’s own library? I will update details as they come out here.
  • Spatial awareness helps it recognize the space it’s in to tune the sound also uses direct energy, enhancing ambient audio and background music.
  • Homepod is powered by A8 chip that is also on the iPhone – So most likely it is running iOS behind the scenes and eventually this sdk may open up to developers.
  • 7 tweeters and 1 4inch woofer under the acoustic mesh.
  • Has a home kit base as well so can connect and control home kit devices via Siri
  • Will ship in December 2017 for $349.

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