Ouya – the game console

I am excited about this new console so I decided to blog about it.  It started as a kickstarter funded project that was oversubscribed very quickly.  I was not able to catch it in time but I would definitely be interested in getting a new console that is Android based and has a fairly open policy for developers to write software for it.

Key features(Hardware):

– Form factor: Small with cool wireless controllers;  Dimensions: (2.9in x 2.9in x 3.2in)

– CPU : Tegra 3(Quad-core processor)

– RAM: 1 GB RAM , 8 GB on-board flash

– Full HD (1080p) with HDMI connection

– Network: WiFi 802.11bgn

– Other technologies: Bluetooth LE 4.0

– Did I mention a $99.00 price? Wow!  As per Amazon, Ouya is being released to all on June 4, 2013. 

Software and SDK features:

– Java based development environment; Eclipse with ADK is what I would use for it.

– Supports Android Development Kit 4.0 (API 14).

– Ouya Development Kit released under Apache License.

– I read somewhere about using Unity to write 3D games for it as well.

– No fee to develop on Ouya.

– Easy submission and fast approvals so I have heard  and it sounds good. Pros : makes happy developers  Cons: Loss of quality control.

Looking at all the hardware and software features Ouya offers (mentioned above – I am sure there are more) makes me very excited about this platform.  What about non gaming apps?  I will investigate further and blog about it.  Time to download the Ouya Development Kit.

Very excited about this, A bientot!

– Gary Saggu

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