Unfolding the mysteries of iPhoneX form factor

The iPhoneX has a 5.8inch Super Retina HD display which is OLED based.  It supports HDR and a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels at 458ppi with a 1M : 1 contrast ratio. These specifications are quite amazing considering the edge to edge display and a small footprint.

iPhone X: 5.65in H x 2.79in W x 0.30inD with 5.8in screen size

is surprisingly smaller than the iPhone8Plus ( and weighs less)

iPhone8Plus: 6.24in H x 3.07in W x 0.30inD with 5.5in screen size

So the iPhoneX is same depth as iPhone 8Plus but about 0.28in less wide and 0.59in less tall than it.  It also weighs 6.14 ounces which is far less than the iPhone 8Plus’s 7.13 ounces. Btw, the iPhone8Plus screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels at 401ppi which is LCD IPS based.  So easy to surmise that the iPhoneX display is far superior resolution wise with a smaller footprint and less weight.

So, how does it compare with iPhone8?

iPhone8: 5.45in H x 2.64in W x 0.29in D with a 4.7in display size

As you can see, iPhoneX form factor is only 0.01in deeper, 0.15in wider and 0.2in taller than iPhone8 which is amazing for a phone that expands the display size by a whopping 1.1in diagonally. iPhoneX weight of 6.14 oz is only 0.92 oz heavier than iPhone8.  Resolution wise iPhone8 supports only 1334 x 750 at 326ppi (compare with iPhoneX above at 458ppi).  The iPhoneX also beats the LCD based iPhone8 and 8Plus with contrast ratio(only at and 1400:1(iPhone8) and 1300:1(iPhone8Plus) but same max brightness with all 3 coming in at 625 cd/m2.

From above we can see that the iPhoneX form factor is only slightly more than an iPhone 7 or 8 but it sports an impressive 5.8 inch display. iPhoneX is coming in the hands of users soon. Bookings start on October 27 for early November delivery.

–Gary Saggu


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